"Painting is perhaps a reflection of my inner value to the world around me. I am intrigued by images that are ambiguous, subtle and not completely defined, that are layered, overlapped and intertwined. I like visual languages that are subliminal, suggestive but not overly descriptive. A good balance of abstract and representational contents leaves room for viewer's imagination. 


I believe all things are paintable if one can feel their rhythm. I like still life, cityscape and other subjects. Figurative, however, is my favorite because there is always a story to tell. And it is in our DNA that we respond, we connect to the subject emotionally when triggered.


Having a continuous interaction with the painting along the way is the most important process to me. As it usually takes many turns before it reaches the finishing line. The most challenging and yet rewarding part of the process are those happy accidents, mistakes along the way. Those magical, unrepeatable textures and brush strokes created at each and every turn are the key ingredients of my paintings."